About Us


Home Performance Washington is a membership organization which brings together residential energy professionals and service providers, conservation programs, educational institutions and other stakeholders to fight climate change and foster economic development by enabling a highly effective whole-house energy retrofit industry in Washington State.

Our members include a majority of companies in the state offering residential energy audits or whole house energy services in Washington, most of the educational institutions offering weatherization training, and a growing number of energy conservation programs.

For more information, contact us by emailing [[email protected]] or leave a detailed voice message at (425)390-4503. Voice message are delivered to us by email immediately. We’ll try to get in touch with you promptly.

Our Vision is that homeowners in Washington will have ready access to energy professionals they can trust to recommend and implement whole-house energy services that lower energy bills and reduce environmental impact while improving levels of home comfort, health, durability and safety.

Our Mission is to advance highly effective residential energy services in Washington State by:

  • Bringing energy professionals together to improve their ability to efficiently offer high quality services to customers.
  • Promoting awareness of the benefits of whole-house energy services.
  • Directing clients to our network of qualified service providers through cooperative marketing.
  • Advocating for effective legislation, rules and program design to enable a permanent, financially sustainable home performance industry.
  • Ensuring the convenient availability of training programs that lead to nationally recognized professional certification.
  • Supporting energy conservation programs to advance their goals in partnership with home performance companies.
  • Working in close cooperation with aligned local, regional and national organizations.

Our Home Performance Service Providers pledge to:

  • Understand how whole-house energy services, based on diagnostics and building-science, can result in deep energy savings while simultaneously enhancing indoor air quality, thermal comfort, and combustion safety.
  • Recommend that each customer develop a whole-house energy strategy and implement improvements in the appropriate order to maximize the quality and effectiveness of the final result.
  • Ensure that employees and subcontractors have the appropriate knowledge and skills to effectively and safely implement solutions that will work well over the life of the home.
  • Value integrity and honesty in dealing with people and their property.

Membership in HPW provides a perfect opportunity to develop both professional and personal relationships as well as encourage the sharing of knowledge and exchange of ideas. It is an organization that is recognized by our utilities and all levels of government for its advocacy of and expertise in progressive energy policy.  We provide structured and informative monthly meetings which encourage networking for work, employment and educational opportunities.

Home Performance Washington Board Members

Officers – Until September 2011

PresidentDavid Bangs
Vice-PresidentJason Lear
SecretaryCharlie Rogers
TreasurerMarco Mazzoni

Other Board Members

Bob Thoreson, Dan Wildenhaus, David Vollan, Dean Martinson, Gary Wood, Gregg Hartwell, Jason Lear, Kevin Ward, Shannon Ellis-Brock

To contact any of us, email [[email protected]] or leave a voice email by calling (425)390-4503 and indicate the person to whom you would like the message to be forwarded.

Efficiency First

Home Performance Washington is affiliated nationally with Efficiency FirstExternal link.

We work working closely with Efficiency First in promoting federal policy consistent with our mission and in the search for “Best Practices” worthy of nationwide replication.